NCL Graphic Specialties

When a devastating fire ripped through the NCL Graphics Specialties warehouse, the rebuilding needed to start from the ground up. McGuire has been working with NCL to rebuild the 18,000 square foot warehouse as quickly as possible to get this printer back up and running. Location: Pewaukee, WI Web site:


Veolia Depak

When Veolia needed to expand it’s operation to dispose of specific waste products, they worked with McGuire to build a silo system which included an easy removal system for the silos when necessary.  

American Printpak

American Printpak

American Printpak As the business grew, American Printpak needed more space, 17,400 square feet of new space.  McGuire designed and built a warehouse addition to the existing building to accommodate the growing needs of this company. Location:  Sussex, Wisconsin Web site:


Caterpillar, Inc.

Caterpillar, Inc. Restoration is one of our strengths at McGuire Contractors, Inc.  Working with existing structures is also.  When Caterpillar needed us to restore a ninety foot high wall while the building was still in use, we relied on our strengths to complete the project.

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